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Tunes for Tripping

Tunes for Tripping The best songs to listen to when tripping on magic mushrooms Season of the Witch – Donovan A Beacon from Mars – Kaleidoscope Bass Strings – Country Joe and the Fish Piece of My Heart – Janis Joplin Legend of a Mind – The Moody Blues Venus in Furs – Velvet Underground  […]

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Identifying different types of magic mushrooms

An Eye for Shrooms Out of thousands of species of mushrooms, some have gained popularity because of their hallucinogenic properties. There are over 180 types of magic mushrooms in the world. Every specie has a different amount of psilocybin, a substance that produces a psychedelic effect comparable to LSD. Without the right knowledge about mushrooms, […]


The 50 Best Movies to Watch While Tripping

Magic Mushroom Flicks: Watching movies while high on mushrooms gives a different experience. It changes your perception of the reality the movie is presenting to you. A movies’ fun, bright colors, intense editing, and amazing sound design can boost your trip. Some movies with mind-altering concepts can even cause a spiritual awakening. These films are […]


How long do shrooms take to kick in?

Magic Shrooms: Onset to Aftermath Threshold Light Common Strong There are many ways to describe the experience of using magic mushrooms. Mind-altering. Spiritual. Psychedelic. Visual. Reality-bending. Before you reach this point of nirvana, how long do you wait for magic shrooms to kick in? It depends on the dosage. One dose of magic shrooms is […]

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Smoking Magic Mushrooms

Big NO: Smoking Magic Shrooms A lot of people ask, “Can you smoke magic mushrooms?” There are those who claim they’ve gone on a psychedelic trip by rolling up a couple of grams of dried magic shrooms and smoking them. Sometimes, they would mix magic shrooms with marijuana. These methods are wrong on so many […]

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Taste of Magic Mushrooms

A Palate for Magic Truffles Magic Truffle Magic Truffle Pizza Magic Truffle Risotto No-Bake Magic Truffle Oatmeal Cookies Magic Chocolate Truffles Magic Truffle Capsules Getting used to the taste of magic mushrooms The mind-altering journey from a magic truffle begins when you open your mouth but what do magic shrooms taste like? What happens when […]

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Drying Magic Shrooms

THE IDIOT’S GUIDE TO DRYING MAGIC SHROOMS: It all starts with harvesting at the right time. There is a right way to harvest. Yes, there is a pre-drying phase. Create your own desiccant. Dry your magic shrooms using the desiccant. Unconventional Methods for Drying and Storing Magic Mushrooms Silica Gel Chocolates Freon Drying magic mushrooms […]

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