Psilocybe Liniformans

Psilocybe liniformans is a magic mushroom which contains psilocybin as its main psychoactive compound. It produces the typical effects experienced in other psilocybin mushrooms such as hallucinations, warping of your sense of time, heightened sensation, altered senses, and in higher doses, transcendence.

Psilocybe Liniformans Identification

When looking for P. liniformans, you should learn how to identify them first. You should inspect the cap before anything else. P. liniformans’ cap is small, with a diameter of 1 – 2.5cm. It’s usually convex to nearly plane with a small, nipple-like protrusion at the tip.

It also has a dull, grayish brown color which becomes redder towards the center. When dried, it changes color to straw brown and the center takes on a reddish brown hue. Some young species have a bluish green tone at the margins.

The stem, also known as the stipe, is 1.4 to 3.0 cm long. The stem is around 2mm thick and gradually enlarges towards the base. It’s whitish to pale brown with a partial veil that disappears as it grows older. P. liniformans produces dark, purple brown, spores.

Dried and fresh P. liniformans have a starchy flavor and scent reminiscent of other magic mushrooms. They are also known to bruise in spots where they have been handled.

Psilocybe Liniformans Location

Your chances of finding this magic mushroom increase when you go to pastures or grasslands during summer to early winter. If you’re lucky, you’ll see them growing scattered or in small clusters. In the U.S., it’s been collected in the states of Washington, Oregon, and Michigan. Among countries other than the U.S., it’s only been seen in Chile so far where it fruits in spring.

Psilocybe Liniformans and Other Magic Mushrooms Help Gender Transition

Magic mushrooms are known to aid people who are going through tough times. P. liniformans and other types of psychedelic shrooms have been used to improve moods of people diagnosed with terminal cancer, relieve anxiety, help wean addiction, and even improve work performance.

However, there is another avenue for magic mushrooms worth looking into – helping people achieve healthier gender transitions.

Transition is the complex process wherein a person begins to live as a member of another gender. It involves many steps including surgical sex change, alterations of physical appearance, hormone therapy, legally changing one’s name, and many more.

People transition when they feel their gender identity isn’t in line with their birth sex at any point in life. This is commonly described as “being in the wrong body.” Others realize this in puberty or at later points of life.

Those who are transitioning often go through “gender dysphoria.” This is characterized by feelings of distress that will have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. The goal of many trans people is to improve feelings of dysphoria and for other people to perceive their true gender identity, often referred to as passing. On top of the pressures they’re under, they also face social stigma.

Because of this gender dysphoria, psychological support is needed for any transitioning man or woman. However, one unexplored but hypothetically effective way to assist with gender transitioning is the use of psilocybin – the same psychoactive compound responsible for hallucinogenic effects of Psilocybe liniformans and other magic mushrooms.
Psilocybin is not yet used for transgender issues but some of its effects may help the user overcome the difficulties associated with transition.

Magic mushrooms help expand deconstruct the concept of gender
Psychotherapy for transitioning people are concentrated on helping them deconstruct their gender roles and define their own gender expression. However, it may be difficult to challenge and change one’s comfortability with his or her new gender identity because gender definitions have been delineated since birth. To be comfortable in gender transition, one has to explore and understand the fluid concepts of gender.

This is where magic mushrooms like P. liniformans come in. Psilocybin from magic mushrooms are known to expand the mind and make shroomers more accepting of new ideas and concepts. It also helps break down one’s perceived social constructs including gender. Shrooms achieve this by re-wiring the brain’s emotional regulation, thinking process, and self-assessment.

Through magic mushrooms, a person in transition can set realistic expectations and goals on how to better express his or her gender.

Magic mushrooms facilitate a smoother transition by reducing addictive behaviors
A study showed at least 20% of transgender individuals abuse substances such as meth, tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs. These emerge as coping mechanisms to face discrimination and social stigma. Sadly, these substances pose a significant risk and when mixed with hormone therapy, may have life-threatening effects.

Moderate alcohol consumption renders hormone therapy ineffective. A smoker taking female hormones has a higher risk to develop blood clots. In addition, physicians won’t prescribe hormone therapy for people with an ongoing substance abuse problem because of the psychological instability. It’s not uncommon to see transgender people with addiction issues having a difficult time to move forward with their transition.

By using magic mushrooms to wean off addictive substance, transgender individuals can end addiction, and build psychological resilience that will help the transition go more smoothly. Psilocybin has an 80% success rate in curbing smoking addiction, making it the most effective option compared to commercially available addiction treatment regimens. However, the individual will still feel the symptoms of withdrawal.

Psilocybin improves self-awareness
It’s common to feel disoriented, unsatisfied, and depressed throughout the transition process. A therapist believes this dissatisfaction comes from the individual’s perceived lack of authenticity in his or her new, changing body. They also experience an unhealthy fixation on the physical presentation and develop a type of obsession.

On a neurologic level, obsession is caused by strong but unhealthy links in the brain’s information highway. Psilocybin helps loosen these connections and provide relief from obsessive thoughts. These will allow transgender people to assess themselves without the anxiety built up from years of discrimination and social expectations.

For transgender individuals in need of psychological support throughout their struggles with transition, psilocybin therapy may make the difficult path as safe as possible.

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