What to do when having a bad trip?

A bad trip is what the name already says. The impressions you get when you eat Magic truffles or mushrooms can be overwhelming. If you have feelings of panic or anxiety after taking the Magic, it’s called a bad trip. There are a few things you can do to avoid getting a bad trip. Only use magic truffles when you…


Magic truffles or culinary truffles?

The difference between magic truffles and culinary truffles: Culinary truffles When most people think of magic truffles, they think of the culinary delicacy on the menu in a lot of restaurants. The culinary truffle is an expensive good. It grows underground, at the roots of different trees. To get an idea of how expensive a culinary truffle can be: In 2007…


Psilocybe hollandia

Paddos/magicmushrooms Since the ban of magicmushrooms, also called paddos, people started to use other drugs. From then, smartshops sell more and more magic truffles. Truffles are a sort of replacement for paddo’s. But they have different effects. There are a…


The Philosopher’s Stone

The Philosopher’s Stone The Philosopher’s Stone, also known as the Psilocybe Tampanensis, is a magic truffle. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone has nothing to do with this truffle, except for the magic 😉 Sometimes when people talk about “Philosophers Stones”,…


Magic truffle toast

A nice tasteful magic truffle recipe. You can also use magic mushrooms instead of magic truffles. This recipe is for two persons. Ingredients for Magic Truffle Toast: –          Two portions magic truffles or mushrooms –          Four slices of bread –         …


Magic truffles carpaccio

A delicious fresh magic truffle recipe. The recipe is for two persons. You can make the carpaccio with magic truffles or mushrooms. Ingredients for Magic truffle carpaccio Two portions of magic truffles or mushrooms(for example hollandia truffles) 200 grams of…


Psychedelic films

The top 8 of psychedelic films, according to movie critic Lucy Tonner. She writes: ‘There are many films in existence that seem so “out-there” that it’s hard to ignore them, much less stop thinking about them once you’ve seen them.”…


Very special psychedelic experience

Excellent service I recently ordered a sample of Hollandia truffles from trufflemagic.com.  I would like to relate my trip experience with trufflemagic.com and of course, with the truffles. Firstly, the service was excellent. An easy way to navigate website and…


Magic truffles with wild berry yoghurt

A delicious fresh truffle recipe. You can use this recipe with magic truffles or mushrooms What do you need for this magical truffle recipe? Magic truffles or mushrooms The amount of truffles depends on the amount of people and on…


A few tips before using magic truffles or mushrooms

I have done a lot of thing while tripping on magic truffles or mushrooms. I discourage a lot of these things. Things you shouldn’t do while tripping Start to experiment with any drugs while you’re too young Use truffles with…


Psychonaut (ics)? Whut?

Psychonaut (ics)? Whut? A psychonaut is a person who explores limits of the subconscious. Pychonaut, translated from the Greek, means “sailor of the soul”. Psychonautics are also called spiritual or mental travellers. Thus, he or she tries to gain more insights into life and get answers at vital questions.…

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