Video: How Magic Truffles chemically alter the brain

The folks from ASAP science made this fantastic easy-to-follow video on what your brain does when you take mushrooms. What’s the science behind all these spiritual mind-changing experiences we all have?

ASAPscience on Magic Mushrooms / Truffles

Your body breaks down Psilocybin into Psilocin after you eat the truffles or mushrooms. The psilocin and serotonin in your brain allow you to perceive new things without any real stimulus.  New brain connections allow you to think out of the box and make the experience very real. Various other regions in the brain are also activated, allowing you to experience expanded consciousness.

ASAP science concludes with how healthy mushrooms are and how most people experienced the use as spiritual and nice, while a small percentage had a negative experience. Magic Mushrooms are not addictive and not toxic. Magic Mushrooms invoke the least amount of damage compared to other drugs.

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