Best and Worst Places to Trip with Magic Mushrooms

Best and Worst Places to Trip with Magic Mushrooms

It has been said time and time again that setting is important in taking magic mushrooms. But what does it mean to be in the right setting when taking magic mushrooms?

Right setting for magic mushrooms

Magic mushrooms introduce you to the deep ocean of your subconscious. This introspection into one’s character is best done in a nice environment. Going on a psychedelic journey while being immersed in beautiful and comfortable surroundings minimizes the risks and results in some of the best trips.

If you just take magic mushrooms when you’re in an unfamiliar and unconducive place, you are more than likely to run into a bad trip which will cause your most pressing past traumas and experiences to rush back to you.

Where you trip is important. The right setting isn’t just a place where it’s warm, cozy, and familiar. It also needs to be an area where you will be undisturbed, be close to assistance, and be safe.

Best Places to Trip with Magic Mushrooms

Tripping at home with friends. “There’s no place like home.” Apparently, this line from Wizard of Oz also applies to taking magic mushrooms. If you are going on a psychedelic journey, your home provides you with the three most important factors for a good trip: privacy, safety, and comfort.

Tripping out on magic mushrooms in the presence of friends make for one interesting experience for everybody. They can accompany you or you can assign one trip sitter to watch over everyone. Just be careful not to invite too many people. A big group will just crowd the house and make it difficult to unwind.

Tripping at home with friends

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Tripping while watching a play. Going to a show of some kind under the influence of magic mushrooms will immerse you in the story even more and you’ll end up fascinated by every light, beat of the orchestra, every stage prop, and every character. Just make sure you have someone with you who can help guide you to your seat.

Tripping while watching a play

Tripping while watching a play | Image powered by exeuntmagazine

Tripping in a botanical garden. If you’re in a highly urbanized area, a botanical garden is the closest you can get to nature. Botanical gardens are found in many cities. During spring, these gardens come alive with several varieties of blooming flowers, trees, and butterflies. These gardens have ethereal atmospheres where you can let nature guide your trip.

Tripping in a botanical garden

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Tripping in a city park. A city park may not be the most conducive location to go on a magic mushroom trip but the right time may lead you to have the best time of your life. Even the most mundane city park can turn into one of the world’s most beautiful places during sunset and when yellow street lanterns start to light up. Choose a park with little foot traffic.

Tripping in a city park

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Tripping on a beach. There’s a reason why exotic destinations such as Thailand’s Koh Phangan are ideal destinations for psychonauts. Comfortable white sand, soothing wave sounds, and clear blue waters will elevate a psychedelic experience into something that’s even more magical.

Tripping on a beach

Tripping in a hot tub. If you’re in a landlocked city and the beach is too far, try submerging yourself in a hot tub. A bath tub will also work in the same way. The sensation of hot water lapping against the skin will relax you. It’s better to trip in a hot tub instead of a pool to minimize the risk of drowning.

Tripping in a hot tub

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Tripping in a forest. The forest provides the most natural surrounding for your trip. Nothing beats the way shadows play on the forest floor on a sunny spring day and the invigorating surroundings will make your psychedelic journey even more memorable.

Tripping in a forest

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Worst Places to Trip with Magic Mushrooms

Tripping with the wrong people. Magic mushrooms make you more sensitive to people’s energies. When you become more empathic, you need to surround yourself with the right people. Avoid negative, confrontational people. Make sure you’re at the center of a room with people whose vibe are compatible with yours.

Tripping with the wrong people

Tripping with the wrong people | Image powered by elevationsrtc

Tripping in a crowded place. If tripping in a small room with a handful people is enough to absorb their energies, imagine how it would be like to stand at the center of a crowded street where you are surrounded by hundreds of passing unfamiliar faces! You will be so overwhelmed your likelihood of experiencing a bad trip will go up exponentially.

Tripping in a crowded place

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Tripping at work. Unless your work involves a creative process, it’s best to stay away from magic mushrooms. You run the risk of turning your workplace into a prison especially with the fact that psilocybin from magic mushrooms slow down time. However, you can microdose with magic mushrooms to improve work performance without experiencing the strong psychedelic effects.

Tripping at work

Tripping at work | Image powered by nyulocal

Tripping while drinking alcohol. Everyone knows psilocybin and alcohol do not mix. Alcohol will have a heavy psychological impact and make even the most experienced psychonaut more susceptible to experiencing a bad trip. Alcohol will also increase feelings of nausea and induce vomiting especially when
you’re at the peak of the psychedelic experience.

Tripping while drinking alcohol

Tripping in a mosh pit. While it’s great to trip during a psytrance festival or during a show, a mosh pit is the worst place to be when psilocybin kicks in. You will not be able to chill out. The unpleasant sensation from being in a tight space with plenty of sweaty moving bodies will become amplified.

Tripping in a mosh pit

Tripping in a mosh pit | Image powered by thedailyliberatorl

Tripping on a plane. Tripping with clouds visible through windows sounds like a dream. But apparently an airplane isn’t the best place to trip with magic mushrooms. There’s nowhere to run to, you’re stuck in your seat, and your flight anxiety may turn into full blown panic if you don’t have a handle on your emotions.

Tripping on a plane

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Tripping in a museum. Can you handle being surrounded by preserved bones mounted for display? It’s nice to trip when it’s just you and the exhibits but most of the time you will be with throngs of visitors ogling at the displays. If you have to go to a museum, pick one without a lot of visitors.

If you have scouted a good place to go on a psychedelic trip in your city, don’t wait any further. Grow your own magic mushrooms with a magic mushroom grow kit and walk on the psychedelic side.

Tripping while watching a play

Tripping while watching a play | Image powered by bluepurpleandscarlett

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