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David Nutt: UK Drug Law preventing medical potential of drugs to be uncovered.

Professor David Nutt is a British psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist specialising in the research of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction, anxiety and sleep. He was an goverment drug advisor in the UK but got sacked because it was claimed he was giving “mixed messages” about drugs, and he was criticizing the […]


25I-NBOMe – a new psychedelic drug?

  Lately this new drug. 25I-NBOMe, also called Windopane, N-Bomb, 25I is showing up around the internet. It is said to have similar effects as LSD. It is illigal in Russia and some US states, but nowhere else specifically. Because of the effects it is also sold as LSD, or treated as LSD. On Erowid, […]

A trip on magic truffles - The five trip levels

The five levels of tripping

When taking truffles or other psychedelics, many psychonauts are talking about their “level 4 trip”. There’s a good chance you aren’t sure what they’re talking about, and actually the trip levels are just a way to explain to others what kind of psychedelic experience you had. (more…)

losangeles park

Trip Report: Breathtaking trees in a LA park

Over the years we’ve received so many trip reports, most aren’t even placed here. It’s fantastic when people take the time to write a about their Magic Truffle experience. Here’s a nice trip report from a LA customer. This is also a great example of how your trip gets that much better with the right […]


Psychedelic films

The top 8 of psychedelic films, according to movie critic Lucy Tonner. She writes: ‘There are many films in existence that seem so “out-there” that it’s hard to ignore them, much less stop thinking about them once you’ve seen them.” (more…)


Very special psychedelic experience

Excellent service I recently ordered a sample of Hollandia truffles from  I would like to relate my trip experience with and of course, with the truffles. Firstly, the service was excellent. An easy way to navigate website and swift delivery  are sure fire winners in my eyes. The vacuum packed sample arrived in […]

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