At peak, it seemed everything was bleeding like a polaroid

I’ve experienced the last portion of truffels to be very mild-flavoured and relaxing. I’ve cut them up in to fine pieces and put them in a royco-minute soup which was great!

The trip started out after about one hour as a slow warm feeling from the stomach outwards. Then the waves started and they brought upon them a long slow haze. Everything was fading into eachother and the world seemed like a wondrous place. I really enjoyed the trip. Listening to pink floyd, especially comfortably numb, which describes the feeling perfectly! “you are only coming through in waves”.

I wasn’t totally zoned out or anything, I was just calmly going along with it.

Visuals: At peak, it seemed everything was bleeding like a polaroid I’m thusfar very happy with the service and if I ever decide to do truffels again, your site is the place to be!

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