How Safe are Magic Mushrooms

Are Shrooms Safe?

How Safe are Magic Mushrooms?

Have you always wanted to alter your perception of reality without having to deal with addiction, emotional pain, and all the negative effects of using recreational drugs? It turns out you shouldn’t look any further than the humble magic mushrooms.

The unassuming psychedelic fungi are non-addictive and do not cause harmful overdose. And the best part is you can grow these gifts from nature in the comfort of your own home.

Based on the Global Drug Survey’s report released earlier in 2017, magic mushrooms and magic truffles send the fewest number of people to the emergency room compared to other drugs.

Risks of Magic Mushrooms

Before going into detail about magic mushrooms, you should know there are some risks about magic mushrooms. You should be aware of these risks before reading further.

While magic mushrooms pose no danger by themselves, human error and certain environmental factors can always come into play.

Eating the wrong mushrooms

Eating the wrong mushrooms | Image powered by mushroom-appreciation

a.   Eating the wrong mushrooms

Perhaps the biggest risk in magic mushrooms is the fact that they look so similar to some species of poisonous wild mushrooms. If you’re not an expert on identifying magic mushrooms in the wild, avoid hunting for shrooms on your own because you might end up picking a really poisonous mushroom.

There are close to two hundred magic mushroom species on earth and some of them do look like poisonous fungi. Just as you should avoid doing the groceries when hungry, you should also avoid hunting for magic mushrooms when you’re desperate for a trip.

Sometimes, enthusiastic psychonauts mistake the Fly Agaric (scientific name Amanita muscaria) with magic mushrooms. While Fly Agaric does have psychedelic effects, it doesn’t contain psilocybin or psilocin and thus isn’t a real magic mushroom.

Don’t be fooled by its beautiful appearance. Fly Agaric causes unpleasant effects and possible health problems. This fungus contains muscarine, an active alkaloid responsible for most of Fly Agaric’s psychedelic effects. However, in large doses, it’s also responsible for nausea, vomiting, slow heart rate, breathing difficulties, severe drop in blood pressure, slowed heart rate, and shock.

Another compound in Fly Agaric, Ibotanic Acid, is also another active substance contained in Fly Agaric. It can cause brain damage. It also contains muscimole which, when taken orally, disturbs vision and hearing. Muscimole can also cause one to be disoriented, tired, and filled with spasms. Mental capacities become greatly reduced.

Eating bad magic mushrooms

Eating bad magic mushrooms | Image powered by ssl

b.   Eating bad magic mushrooms

Even the magic mushrooms you cultivated by yourself can go bad and become covered with mold. When they do, don’t eat them! Moldy magic mushrooms may have toxins and harmful bacteria. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that at the very least, these will make you suffer from nausea and diarrhea!

Experiencing a bad trip

Experiencing a bad trip | Image powered by pinimg

c.   Experiencing a bad trip

Psilocybin and psilocin are contained in magic mushroom stems and caps. These compounds have powerful hallucinogenic effects. The resulting trip is similar to LSD. However, if the psychonaut is not in a right state of mind and in a non-conducive environment, a bad trip can happen.

Bad trips speak less about magic mushrooms but more about the psychonaut’s head space. If you’re in a particularly bad spot in your life, magic mushrooms can cause you to feel severely anxious and paranoid.

You can avoid a bad trip by starting with a low dose and working your way up. Having a positive state of mind is important to avoiding a good trip as well as having a relaxing, private environment for your psychedelic journey.

Magic Mushrooms are Safe

The results of the 2017 Global Drug Survey showed 0.2% people who took part in the survey reported ever needing emergency medical treatment. This number is at least five times lower than LSD, cocaine, and MDMA.

Adam Winstock, a psychiatrist who specializes in addiction and founder of the Global Drug Survey, said, “Magic mushrooms are one of the safest drugs in the world.” He also went on to explain death from magic mushrooms toxicity is almost unheard of. There is no known lethal dose of magic mushrooms.

Magic Mushrooms are Safe

Magic Mushrooms are Safe | Image powered by pinimg

The Global Drug Survey is the biggest annual drug survey in the world with almost 120,000 participants across 50 countries. It asks questions which would reveal the type of substances people take, their drug use patterns, and whether they experienced negative effects.

People don’t abuse psychedelics like magic mushrooms because they don’t cause dependence. Organs don’t deteriorate. Many people would say shrooms have a profound and positive effect on their lives.

The latest study also said 81.7% of people who took magic mushrooms in search of a psychedelic experience and the enhancement of environment and social interactions.

Other studies have also revealed even bad trips can have positive results too. 84% of those who were surveyed said they benefited from experiencing a bad trip. This finding isn’t all that surprising.

When looking at bad trips from a different perspective, they force people to look at life events people wouldn’t want to revisit. They allow people to view these experiences through fresh lenses, learn to value what happened, and even find new meaning in life.

Magic Mushrooms Safety Profile

Aside from the information from the latest Global Drug Survey, earlier studies have been conducted to test the safety of magic mushrooms.

Since the 90s, 2000 doses of psilocybin of different strengths have been administered to humans in a clinical setting. Since then, there hasn’t been a single report of any medical or serious psychiatric after effects. Neither have there been any reported cases of prolonged psychosis.

A study conducted in 2013 by Krebs and Johansen also showed there is no link between the use psychedelics, particularly magic mushrooms, and mental illness.

So far, there’s only one long-term case of psychotic reaction which lasted longer than 48 hours. This particular case occurred in 1 of 1200 experimental research participants. Upon further inspection of the participants’ background, it revealed he is the identical twin of a schizophrenic patient. This cements the belief that it’s not a good idea to take psychedelics if a first or second-degree relative has a psychiatric disorder in the past or present.

And finally, magic mushrooms have the lowest rate of emergency room visits after use. This rate is lower than that of alcohol and marijuana!

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