Applications of psychedelics in psychiatry

Ask any psychiatrist what the most interesting effects of a psychedelic experience are and they’ll answer the same: the contribution of the substances to psychotherapy. Drugs like LSD, but also MDMA and psilocybin have the ability to improve psychotherapy. Positive changes are achieved quicker and easier. De drugs create more empathy and mutual understanding between patient and therapist.

Psychedelic drugs tend to make patients more able to reveal certain parts of the psyche that otherwise would be more suppressed. This can be very helpful when a patient needs to recall certain painful episodes from the past in order to discuss them once the patient is sober.

Another ability of the drugs is that the user  can experience some cinematographic effects. These effects can be just geometrical shapes, but there is another possibility. De visual effects can relate to certain scenarios which have a deeper personal meaning for the patient.  An experienced therapist can interpret the images and use them in the treatment of patients.

Freud once called the process of dreaming as ‘the royal way to the unconscious’. In that respect the psychedelic effects of some drugs can easily be called ‘the superhighway to the unconscious’.

This article proves that psychedelic effects of drugs can have more than just recreational means. Our Magic Truffles are purely meant to offer a nice time and an interesting experience. We must leave the therapeutic use of Magic Truffles  to the people that have studied.

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