Amazing Facts about Psychedelics

What do you know about AQQpsychedelics? This article lists some of the most amazing discoveries about hallucinogenic substances.

Scientist are intrigued to study the effects of psychedelics. Over the years, their breakthroughs are starting to depict psychedelics not as drugs that people should be afraid of but drugs which can change medical practice. From stabilizing mood to treating addiction, take a look at some of the impressive contemporary discoveries about different types of cc.

Psilocybin calms the mind

Psilocybin calms the mind

People think psilocybin from magic mushrooms stimulate the mind. Because of the immersive power of the visual hallucinations produced by these fungi, people believe psilocybin increases brain activity. However, recent research which included brain scans showed the opposite.

Turns out, the reduction of brain activity in some areas is the reason for the drug’s effect on a person’s thought patterns and memory. Psilocybin eliminates the unproductive “noise” caused by unhealthy brain connections.

This is one of the reasons why psilocybin is a promising treatment for depression.

While modern science and psychiatrists are still unable to pinpoint the exact causes and solutions of depression, they are familiar with depression’s ongoing cycle of unhealthy thoughts. These unproductive thoughts are locked in a continuous cycle: “why am I a loser?” or “nothing’s going right.”

These negative and unproductive thoughts are linked to an area of the brain called the medial prefrontal cortex. In depressed patients, the medial prefrontal cortex is in a constant state of hyperactivity. Successfully treating depression requires calming this area. There are hundreds of thousands of drugs out there but psilocybin is one of very few known to produce this result.

When you’re reaching the peak of a psychedelic experience from psilocybin, the obsessive thoughts become calmer and even the most stubbornly-depressed people can appreciate the world without becoming subject to harsh self-judgement.

By calming down the mind, psilocybin uproots weeds out negative thoughts and allows people to create a positive foundation.

Psychedelics can kill addiction to smoking

Psychedelics can kill addiction to smoking

Matthew Johnson, a psychiatry professor from the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, tried using psilocybin to treat smoking addiction. Five subjects who were addicted to cigarettes underwent psilocybin treatment with a psychiatrist. After their first session with psilocybin, all five were able to completely stop smoking.

Follow-up visits confirmed that four out of the five participants confirmed they continue to abstain from cigarettes.

Psilocybin and LSD help with anxiety

Many people have days filled with anxiety. For decades, psychedelics like magic mushrooms and LSD are used to help patients cope with their anxieties.

Psilocybin and LSD help with anxiety

The psychedelic visions associated with these substances directly alleviate feelings of anxiety even at microdoses. For other people, LSD and psilocybin help them visualize their mindscape and explore the root causes of their fears and anxieties to find peace. These can promote openness which can lead to learning new ways of coping.

New clinical studies have revealed dramatic changes in anxiety levels. Patients who are dealing with extreme anxiety because of terminal illness are able to accept their fate and find satisfaction with their loved ones.

What’s remarkable about these studies is that even one dose of the psychedelics psilocybin and LSD can create long-term changes, reducing anxiety, depression, and enhancing emotional openness.

Ayahuasca can treat drug addiction

Ayahuasca can treat drug addiction

Ayahuasca is an Amazonian brew used for spiritual healing. The vine is mixed with leaves which contain the psychedelic compound dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

A medical doctor from Vancouver, Gabor Mate, posits that addiction therapy assisted by psychedelics, especially ayahuasca, can help the person deal with psychological issues. Combined, these can contribute to the resolution of underlying stressors.

Ayahuasca is known by many different names: Daime, Vegetal, and Huni. During ayahuasca ceremonies, shamans invoke spirits to heal patients and ayahuasca is ingested to contact the supernatural world where spirits live. These spirits are invoked to bring happiness, peace, and good health.

Ayahuasca’s effects start 30 to 40 minutes after oral intake. These effects include visual changes, mood improvement, deep introspection, and revival of memories. These sensations last for 6 hours.

Studies in animals reveal that long-term use of ayahuasca has anti-addictive properties. People who belong to ayahuasca religions were able to recover from drug dependence, especially alcohol and cocaine. These positive results take place in the first hours after taking the sacrament of ayahuasca and remain 21 days later.

MDMA releases the love hormone

MDMA releases the love hormone

Also known as Molly, MDMA is taken by clubbers who want to be “loved up.” Earlier research revealed oxytocin levels increase in the blood of people who take MDMA. People under MDMA become more sociable – they lie next to each other and chill out.

A study experimented on the effects of ecstasy on rats. The rats received the equivalent of 2 to 3 ecstasy tablets in an adult human. Later, this revealed the drug activated oxytocin-containing neurons in an area of the brains and showed more social behavior. After giving the rats a drug that blocked oxytocin, they appeared less sociable.

Another study revealed males on ecstasy become more sensual than sexual. Raising oxytocin levels put them in a post-orgasmic state where they’re unable to perform sexually but they feel good about who they’re with.

A separate study made last 2009 revealed MDMA’s potential in treating the negative effects of PTSD and help people become more sociable again. The study had 15 randomized subjects and the results showed their brains released oxytocin which led to feelings of love and compassion.

DMT is naturally produced by the body

DMT is naturally produced by the body

Even if you haven’t knowingly taken DMT, you have probably already felt its effects. Did you know that I times of extreme stress, especially during near death experiences, the body releases DMT?

Dr. Strassman conducted clinical studies of DMT inside the human body during the 90s. He theorized that DMT originates from a small gland in the brain which is just about the size of a rice grain. This is called the pineal gland. This is known as the brain’s “third eye” and is responsible for regulating the sleep-wake cycle and people’s sense of time.

However, there’s still so much to know about how DMT production in stressful situations can be beneficial to the human body and that’s what future studies aim to find out.

Psychedelics are a wonderful thing and should not be shunned. Try these amazing psychedelics out for yourself. Order psilocybin truffles online today.

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