all my thoughts and other day to day activities were much clearer and easier to deal with

I ordered my Truffles from TruffleMagic a couple of weeks ago and received them just 5 days after ordering them which is really impressive considering i live in the UK an excellent service indeed, they arrived vaccuum packed and were really fresh when i opened the package, the taste was quite acidic almost vinegary but not unpleasant. Ok so i ate my 15g of Hollandia truffles at 9pm the next evening, i had not eaten for approximately 24 hours before and was surprised at how easy they were to digest washed down with just a glass of water.

After about an hour i started to feel this warm glow come over me, it was then i knew they had kicked in. Not long after this the music i was listening to started much clearer and i was hearing familiar songs in a totally different way to wich id heard them before, lyrics and instrumentals id not noticed in these familiar tunes before made the whole sound seem as colourful as the visuals i was now experiencing, as well as a spectrum of kaleidescopic colours my furniture was morphing into the sounds or so it seemed and my walls floors and ceilings seemed to be breathing, in my mind i seemed to have the answers to questions id not been able to answer before, a very pleasant and calming experience was had wich seemed to last for longer than it actually did and toward the end of the experience i turned off my music and the lights, lay on my bed and must have fallen asleep immediately, having one of the best nights sleep ive had in years.

Even waking the next day, although the effects of the truffles had long worn off, all my thoughts and other day to day activities were much clearer and easier to deal with, a brilliant experience i would reccommend to anyone.

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