Accomplishments under Psychedelics

You already know drugs enhance the senses and abilities. At the peak of the high, a person may feel unstable and unable to function normally but in some rare instances, drugs empower a person long enough for him or her to accomplish great tasks.

Here are some of the greatest accomplishments of people while tripping on psychedelics.

Accomplishments on Marijuana

Accomplishments on Marijuana

Stephen Gould. His accomplishment was not an invention but a theory – Punctuated Equilibrium. According to his theory, species remain stable for millions of years and change very little. Although he doesn’t credit cannabis for this theory, he admits to being a regular cannabis user who relies on the drug to alleviate his nausea and he would use it regularly when he was at work.

Gould was also an outspoken advocate of medical marijuana. He smoked cannabis even when he was going through cancer treatments to help reduce long bouts of intense and uncontrollable nausea. The drug had an important effect on his recovery and even said he cannot understand how such a beneficial substance is withheld for some people.

Bob Marley. Everybody knows Bob Marley loves his weed. He wasn’t just a musician. He was also a leader who has the ability to influence other artists and the audiences. Through his music, he was able to become the voice of the poor, the abused, the marginalized, and all groups around the world who don’t have a voice.

Bob Marley’s influence still exists to this day. Even if you’re not a fan of reggae, you cannot deny what he created has inspired people all over the globe.

Accomplishments on LSD

Accomplishments on LSD

Kary Mullis. Without overcomplicating it, Kary Mullis was able to create the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), a method used in molecular biology to amplify copies of DNA. This process changed the molecular biology forever and Mullis figured it out while he was tripping on LSD.

Steve Jobs. For a time, Steve Jobs, one of the greatest contemporary entrepreneurial minds, is a serious acid head during his early years particularly in 19722 to 1974 when he used LSD approximately 10 to 115 times. The Apple-co-founder was inspired by his psychedelic experiences.

According to Jobs, LSD showed him a positive, life-changing experience. It reinforced his priorities and made him see the importance of creating greatness as opposed to just making money. Because of LSD, he became motivated to put things into the stream of history and of human consciousness as much as possible.

Francis Crick. What is it with molecular biology and LSD? Francis Crick discovered DNA while he was tripping on LSD. LSD’s abilities to open the mind and introduce new ideas which are usually too difficult to incorporate into rational ideas.

Francis Crick is the closest thing the field of molecular biology has to a rock star. In 1953, he went home, spouting gibberish to his wife about two spirals twisting in together. Those twisting spirals became one of the most famous images in science – the first draft of the double helix structure of DNA.

Crick spent the majority of the 50s and 60s throwing all-night soirees with the most famous party favors from that time: LSD and nudity. He never shied away from the fact that he experimented with the drug and in 2006, a London publication reported Crick told his colleagues he was experimenting with LSD when he figured out DNA’s double helix structure.

However, it should be noted that crick arrived at this model through a lot of analytical, theoretical, and spatial thinking. He didn’t take LSD out of nowhere and turned himself into a scientific genius. Instead of using LSD to melt his mind and go on an awesome trip, Crick tapped a part of his brain and used the unfiltered access for abstract thought.

Dock Ellis. Only 23 different pitchers have tossed perfect games since 1880 but none of them were skilled enough to do it twice. A perfect game is when a pitcher throws a complete game without giving up a hit, run, or walk, and only faces the minimum number of 27 batters. Dock Ellis is one of these skilled pitchers and he has admitted to using acid.

On the day of the no-hitter, Dock Ellis got out of bed at noon and ate three tabs of acid. He thought it was Friday but it was actually Saturday, the day of his big game. He was scheduled to pitch in six hours. Unfazed, he went to San Diego, faced down a line up, and not a single one from the opposing team was able to hit the ball.

So how did Ellis manage this?

One of the integral parts of throwing a no-hitter is believing you will throw a no-hitter. As the day went on, Ellis started to inch closer to nirvana, and his mind is in “the zone.”

Accomplishments on Psilocybin

Accomplishments on Psilocybin

Timothy Leary. Aftertaking magic mushrooms in Mexico, Leary performed behavioral studies with psilocybin, the psychoactive compound inside magic mushrooms. Leary’s team and other researchers used the drug in experiments involving different people such as seminary students, inmates, and colleagues.

Leary went on to publish his writings and became an icon in the company of countercultural and entertainment leaders. He co-wrote one of the most important psychedelic books ever written, “The Psychedelic Experience.” In this book he talks about using psilocybin and its effects on the mind, body, and soul.

He eventually became an advocate for the use of psychedelic drugs an established the International Foundation for Internal Freedom. After establishing the IFIF organizational headquarters in New York, he later converted to Hinduism.

During the 80s, he focused his attention on tech-oriented pursuits and became a proponent of virtual reality programs. He also headed software companies Futique, Inc., and Telectronics.

Moses. The Bible has always been controversial but people have always agreed with the Ten Commandments: don’t kill, don’t steal, and don’t lie. Moses stumbled presumably talked to God while the whole world was in chaos. To set it in order, Moses met with God on the top of Mount Sinai to set the rules which are still being used today.

But could Moses be under the influence of magic mushrooms?

An assessment of the area surrounding Mount Sinai revealed it’s home to two common psychedelic mushrooms. It’s not surprising either considering that magic mushrooms play a role in the religious rites of the people of Israel during Biblical times.

The evidence isn’t conclusive yet but it’s easier to wrap your mind around the fact that Moses accessed a higher state of being possible only through psychedelics. At the peak of the experience, he came up with moral rules which he then attributed to a supreme being.

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