A very warm positive ‘high’ feeling swept over me

My review and experience of the Hollandia truffles is as follows:

They were very easy to eat washed down with a glass of water, I then sat and watched television with my wife. After about three quarters of an hour a very warm positive ‘high’ feeling swept over me which lasted over an hour. I was aware that after taking them that I started to feel happier than before and definitely laughed out loud at the tv more than usual. During this time my vision seemed to become better and sharper as I was more aware of small details in things around me. Also colours became more vivid and much stronger. Overall the experience was very enjoyable and as a natural legal high I would recommend it and I would repeat it. However having had mushroom experiences in the past this was relatively mild in comparison and I personally prefer a bigger ‘high’. Another time I might try doubling up the quantity and putting them in some mushroom soup.

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