A few tips before using magic truffles or mushrooms

I have done a lot of thing while tripping on magic truffles or mushrooms. I discourage a lot of these things.

Things you shouldn’t do while tripping

  • Start to experiment with any drugs while you’re too young
  • Use truffles with people you don’t know
  • Use truffles at a place you don’t know
  • Use truffles while you’re tired

Magic Truffels and mushrooms are awesome

You discover new worlds while tripping on magic truffles. You’ll see all kinds of new things while tripping. The world is much more colourful tinted. The visuals are f*cking great.

Take your time eating magic truffles

You should never think: I’ve got nothing to do, so let’s trip. Be well prepared before you take truffles. It’s wise to take a day off the office after using truffles. Most people need a day to recover.

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