crazy visuals

At first i was a bit cautious cause i have never done truffels or any other drug next to grass, so when i got the package i was really like “Wtf is this it looks a bit strange is it trustable?” You never know if you got something from the internet kinda random!

So, that night was a right moment to take them and see what its all about and i did it really carefully cause i didnt want to end in a bad trip( in the end i dont know why i was so worried ) so, first 1/3 waited for 2 hours, didnt notice anything and ate the whole piece! Did not taste that bas as i expected tho it had a weird flavor that reminded me of metal somehow.

After 15 mins my game started to feel a bit weird, it felt like the dimensions were gone and everything seemed flat and it felt like a total new game tho i knew everything in it, Not be able to play anymore the music got turned up and with some lamps here that have a nice effect i just couldnt sit down, i really couldnt, and danced like, well.. a guy on truffels i guess? Wish i could always hear music like that. On my bedroom door there are some drawings too that really came to life and everything seemed to start moving and being damn interesting, seeing weird patterns on the wall and such. Also the whole world seemed to lost the 3 dimensions and everything seemed flat with a weird effect that you see in the cinemas were you take off your 3d glasses and look at the screen. I would almost forget how nice food tastes it was damn amazing! And we all know clouds are awesome to watch, but with the truffels they seemed to move out of the way whereever i was looking.

The best thing that i liked to most of it is the ways you can trip, its like you can fill it in all by yourself how you gonna trip, just listening music, closing your eyes watching crazy visuals, go outside and just watch ever ything and everything looks so interesting. It also explained to me why people call it a trip. Makes sense now. And this is the reason why i would like to do it again, to fill in a trip with other things i can do/watch and have a  good time with friends.

This was my first time trying them and sure not gonna be the last!

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