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20 Best Trippy Music Videos

Magic mushrooms are known for their ability to create visual and auditory hallucinations. Psychedelic media incorporated in music videos give trippers a new experience. These music videos give trippers the opportunity to immerse in sights and sounds to take their psychedelic journey to a whole new level. Here are twenty of the best trippy music videos to date!

  1. Gimme Some More by Busta Rhymes –

busta rhymes

busta rhymes – powered by: files

Hype Williams and Busta Rhymes came together to co-direct this video and it ended up with a fish-eye lens, a cartoony aesthetic and vivid hues. Busta Rhymes bangs his head and awakens a twisted imagination where he loses himself… and so will you.

  1. Pyramids by Frank Ocean –


pyramids – powered by:

The extended 8-minute video directed by Elderkin follows a series of stream-of-consciousness scenes including Ocean singing on his motorbike, walking through a hallucinogenic haze. He walks into a strip club filled with vampy women who turn into aged vampires. Trippy indeed.

  1. Smack My Bitch Up by Prodigy –


smack – powered by: ytimg

Released in 1997, Smack My Bitch Up pissed of some people but thrilled everyone else. It’s heady, messy and takes you on an unforgettable spin. It’s only proper that it comes with the warning, “Inappropriate for minors. You have to be at least 18 to see this video.”

  1. Superflat Love by Takashi Murakami –

flat - powered by: artnet

flat – powered by: artnet

This commercial for Louis Vuitton features machine elves and leads you through a magical reality. Murakami’s ability to create a psychedelic universe and merge it with Japanese anime transports you to a different place and a different time.

  1. Frontier Psychiatrist by the Avalanches –


avalanche – powered by: wikimedia

Everything about this video screams bizarre! From the freaky smile on the lady drummer to the old man with a tortoise body, this is a real freak show. When you watch this video on magic mushrooms, don’t freak out. Remember… you’re just tripping.

  1. Where’s Your Head At by Basement Jaxx –

Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx – powered by: wikimedia

Unknown to Director Traktor, he was directing what may be a precursor to Human Centipede. This terrifying video for basement Jaxx will leave you in a chillingly, incomprehensible maze. This trippy work of art serves to trip out everyone else.

  1. Come to Daddy by Aphex Twin –


daddy – powered by: ytimg

This video opens with an old lady who lets her dog urinate on a broken TV. When a demonic face flickers across the screen, you know you’re in for a wild ride. Before you know it, you’re traversing through the “Clockwork Orange” landscape and your soul is being stolen from you. Director Chris Cunningham knew exactly how to make this nightmare come alive.

  1. Elephant by Tame Impala –


elephant – powered by: wikimedia

This has all the archetypes of a trippy music video. Elephant has a swirling rainbow of colors and kaleidoscopic footage. This feeling is only accentuated further by taking the volume way up and setting the video to full screen.

  1. Last Night Good Night by Pharrell Williams ft. Hatsune Miku –


hatsune – powered by:

An interesting mix of eastern and western influences, this music video’s visuals is an otaku wet dream. Princess Hatsune Miku show off her sultry dance moves in space and Pharrell, in cartoon form, dances around casually in a not-so-casual landscape.

  1. Let Forever Be by the Chemical Brothers –

forever be

forever be – powerd by: wikimedia

Director Michael Gondry with the Chemical Brothers is bound to create magic.  This 1999 classic covers plenty of ground and tackles topics such as parallel universes, time, and space. It mixes up disorienting special effects with choreography to create a schizophrenic world. Let Forever Be’s music video dips your head in many subjects in a span of three minutes.

  1. Corner of the Sky by Cut Copy –


copy – powered by: genius

Psilocybin can take you to the outer edges of the universe and this music video actually takes you on a tour of outer space and the various faces of humanity on planet earth. You will feel big and important yet insignificant at the same time.

  1. Sing Sang Sung by Air –


air – powered by: stereogum

Following a black circle in a cartoony landscape, Air’s music video brings you vintage psychedelic vibes. The scenery is filled with mushrooms, seas of diamonds, and forests. The song’s soothing sounds are uplifting and create a dreamy, comforting world where you will feel safe.

  1. Contact the Star People by Larry Carlson –

Larry Carlson

Larry Carlson – powered by: bcbits

Larry Carlson is a visionary and his video for Star People is a delicious smorgasbord of strangeness. It’s just one virtual psychedelic trip. It’s an eerie collection of images and sounds which can help your shroom-influenced mind create an appealing hallucination.

  1. Pure by Blackbird Blackbird –


blackbird – powered by:

The music video for Pure creates images that are familiar to many people. Its classic black grid lines, and jewel-inspired colors are especially evocative. The patterns in this video and its visual rhythm are a masterclass in visual excellence that complement the otherworldly sounds of Pure perfectly.

  1. Good Day Today by David Lynch –


today – powered by: ytimg

Director David Lynch called budding directors to create music videos for his music project. This winning video for the track Good Day Today has David Lynch written all over it. Directed by Arnold Parscau, it pays tribute to Lynch’s otherworldly, nightmarish works.

  1. Lion in a Coma by Ori Toor –


lioninacoma – powered by : thelittlechimpsociety

While this video starts with shapes that constantly change forms, it’s not your run-of-the-mill psychedelic video. The abstract figures start to become more recognizable as various animals or objects but just enough until they shift back to their abstractness. This allows your mind to play with different ideas in-between each transformation.

  1. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds by the Beatles –


skies – powered by: nocookie

John Lennon’s trips during the 1960s must have been epic. Despite denying its drug influences, it’s clear Lucy’s music video and the song were heavily inspired by mind-altering substances… and it became one of the trademarks of an entire decade! This video starts in a sea of brains and flickers to show art forms reminiscent of the psychedelic sixties.

  1. Big Bang Boom by BLU –


bloom – powered by: ytimg

Not exactly a music video but it is a video with accompanying music so it counts. This freeze-frame animation boasts well-painted animations that breathes life into the environment. Various landscapes are transformed into surreal surroundings similar to how psychedelics affect the brain.

  1. Pencil Dance by Chris Casady –


pencil – powered by: ytimg

Although not as colorful as all the other videos on this list, Chris Casady’s Pencil Dance is assembled from “Pencil Tests” drawn by Casady during an 8-year period in his job as an effects animator. It was shown in different festivals in France, Canada, and Hiroshima where it won 1st, 2nd, and 2nd prize respectively. Seen as ahead of its time, this 2-minute video flips through 24 drawings per second.

  1. Superflow Viusic Piece 3 by Ian Clemmer



ianclemmer – powered by: cargocollective

The transforming graphics that accompany a cosmic symphony evokes feelings of joy and pure energy. Creator Iam Clemmer describes Superflow as “a simple algorightm that wirks with creating hierarchy and changing the pivot point (center point of objects), and this simple algorithm makes many things possible, all within 360 degrees of rotation. At certain degrees, linear harmonics are created where the initial shape is replicated or mirrored.”

These psychedelic multimedia pieces are bound to enhance your journey. With a dose of magic mushrooms, you will gain a higher level of appreciation and understanding of these audiovisual masterpieces.

Don’t delay the experience further. Order some magic truffles online and get started on your hallucinogenic music video binge today!

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