25I-NBOMe – a new psychedelic drug?



Lately this new drug. 25I-NBOMe, also called Windopane, N-Bomb, 25I is showing up around the internet. It is said to have similar effects as LSD. It is illigal in Russia and some US states, but nowhere else specifically. Because of the effects it is also sold as LSD, or treated as LSD.
On Erowid, a website where people can post their drug experiences, people don’t seem to happy with the new drug 25I-NBOMe or are even calling it rather dangerous.


 What do we know about 25I-NBOMe?


Various people have ended up in hospitals. Little is known about 25I-NBOMes pharmacological or behavioral risks. As with most drugs, the people who were harmed also took alcoholic beverages or other drugs beforehand, or have mental health issues. So it’s hard to say how harmful 25I-NBOMe is.

Don’t try anything new before it has been tested, unless you don’t care about your health.

Take truffles and have a fantastic, strong and diverse experience while staying healthy.

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