Hi Peter,

I must tell you myself and a friend ate at least 5 packets together of the hollandia’s the other day in about 8 hours.

I can tell you it was the cheapest bit of counselling I can imagine anyone could ever have and very productive!We had an amazing time,more than words can describe!I looked and felt fitter the next day,even after 4 hours sleep!

My brain and body were aligned and I felt centred to any goal I wanted to pursue!I can say that I was having some difficulty in continuing writing my book before but words have appeared from my subconscious!It feels like I am Bradley Cooper in limitless!Obviously that movie was based on Lysergic diethylamide Acid though!

I even finished of the third left on the table in the morning and the day beamed excellence!

The world is going to be safer and healthier now the Psychedelic revolution is in progress!

Love Alexander


I have to say, great service. I can’t believe how quickly they arrived. I tried
to phone to say things in person but I got a Dutch error message I didn’t
understand, no matter. They arrived today, pretty impressive I’d say.
I hadn’t eaten lunch so took them about (1/2 bag) about 4:30, started
working after 40 mins. No sickness pre or post trip. Very colourful and
busy inner visuals. Music was f***ing awesome. I’ve been feeling a bit
stressed and all the worry came out and mulled around. So’ll I’ll check
my mood next time. I wanted to test them and it was stronger than I
expected and was fully over at 9:30. It’s almost 1am and I feel quite
“normal” now.
I took part in a medical trial in London looking at Psilocybin for depression.
It was amazing and they first time I’d taken it. I made a blog about it here:
I might try 3/4 of a bag next time. Which strain of truffle would you recommend
for a inner and outer visual experience. A more spiritual trip? Did I choose the
best? The taste was good too, a bit sour after chewing but easily got rid of by
brushing my teeth.
All the best.

“I’d like to thank you all,for quality service ,I ordered Monday and there in my hand Wednesday morning.(ya don’t get better than that)”

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