“These insights an experiences can take a monk 30 years to achieve, and can be achieved in 30 minutes with truffles! We are a major fan!”

“I want to thank you for your excellent service from start to finish the Hollandia was AMAZING!”

Hello Peter,

Thx for this advice, it was really much powerfull and longlasting (more than 10 hours of visions) than only eat it. I make a tea like your “preferred way” described into your .pdf book.

I take those to help myself to quit with dextroamphétamine doctors gives me for ADHD, and to quit also with benzodiazepine. It works fine :-).

But i live in my parent’s house, so they has difficulties with political thought arround those mushis and psychedelics in general, so they think i’m creazy, but I know i’m doing it in the right way – like McKenna said (alone and in relatively dark room – in the past I did it in completely darkness, but those weeks i wanted to experience some colors and dark mix – like you see on this picture).
IMG_20160706_045244 [191967]
Btw, if you need workers, i can come and work with you in Holland :-). I had contact with McKenna and PhD Dave Nichols in the past.

Mushrooms, like i experiment last night with tea, gave me a reasonnable pre-breaktrought :-), and know i’m feeling much confident about my ability to live without the need of pills.


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